Request a Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN)

The “Request a Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN)” service assists individuals who are moving to or residing in the Netherlands in obtaining their Dutch Citizen Service Number, also known as the Burgerservicenummer or BSN. This unique identification number is crucial for access to various government services and interactions in the Netherlands.

Obtaining a BSN is an essential step for individuals relocating to the Netherlands, as it is required for various administrative and legal purposes, including opening a bank account, working, and accessing healthcare services. GlobeXpert is here to streamline the process and ensure that you receive your BSN efficiently.

GlobeXpert provides the following support:


  1. Application Assistance: Guiding you through the BSN application process, ensuring that all necessary documentation is correctly prepared and submitted.

  2. Communication: Handling any communication or inquiries with the relevant Dutch authorities to facilitate the BSN issuance.

  3. Compliance: Ensuring that the application and supporting documents meet the requirements and regulations set by Dutch authorities.

  4. Timely Processing: Expediting the BSN application process to help you obtain your BSN promptly.