Transfer Pricing Services

Within our international practice, we are confronted almost daily with the international aspects of transfer pricing.

Every multinational and cross-border operating SME company deals with the international aspects of transfer pricing. Nowadays, there is no escaping it.

We assist our clients with a full range of transfer pricing services. With our multidisciplinary advisory and compliance services, we ensure that our clients comply with the applicable transfer pricing rules and related documentation and reporting obligations in the Netherlands and other countries where our client is active.

As specialists in our field, we are sought after and found by clients who need our knowledge and expertise, either on a project basis or on a more long-term basis. For additional details or to express interest in our tax filing and advisory services, please contact us.

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GlobeXpert offers comprehensive assistance
  1. Legislation and Policy Guidance: We provide in-depth advice on the application and scope of Dutch transfer pricing legislation and policy. Our expertise extends to associated documentation and reporting obligations, ensuring compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape.

  2. Strategic Design: Collaborating with clients, we assist in crafting robust transfer pricing strategies. By delving into your business model, profit distribution, and the roles of each group component, we design policies that substantiate internal pricing and profit allocation effectively.

  3. Economic Analysis: Conducting a thorough economic analysis of your activities and transactions, we recommend suitable transfer pricing methods. From OECD-preferred methods to last-resort options, our goal is to achieve a fiscally acceptable distribution of margins and profits within the group.

  4. Documentation Support: We aid in documenting your transfer pricing strategies, from crafting written policies and protocols to comprehensive review services. Up-to-date documentation is crucial for compliance and preparedness for tax authority inquiries both in the Netherlands and internationally.

  5. Country by Country Reporting (CbCR): For multinational enterprises, we handle annual CbCR reporting, ensuring compliance with Dutch tax legislation. Our services include detailed reports on local activities, profits, transactions, taxes, employee count, and asset values for a comprehensive overview.

  6. Group and Local Documentation: Assisting in preparing mandated Master Files and Local Files, we use automated online solutions to document intercompany pricing within the group, meeting Dutch tax authority standards.

  7. Benchmark Studies: Our firm conducts general and specific benchmark studies to support internal pricing, ensuring compliance with laws and documentation requirements. Identifying comparable entities and determining arm’s length profit levels are integral parts of our study.

  8. Advance Pricing Agreements (APA): Seeking certainty on transfer pricing matters? We represent clients in negotiations with Dutch tax authorities to secure APAs, providing a legal framework for future dealings related to internal pricing.

  9. Representation and Dispute Resolution: Leveraging technical expertise, we represent clients in discussions, negotiations, and disputes with tax authorities. Our goal is to provide a balanced perspective and prevent unilateral actions that may impact profits attributed to the Netherlands.

  10. Due Diligence Support: In the context of mergers, acquisitions, or management transactions, we offer comprehensive support for transfer pricing due diligence. Understanding and proactively mitigating potential transfer pricing risks is crucial in the current tax landscape.