30% Tax Rulling

The “30% Tax Ruling” is a specialized tax benefit program in the Netherlands designed to attract skilled expatriate workers. Under this program, eligible expatriates can receive a tax-free allowance of 30% of their gross salary from their employer, resulting in only 70% of their gross income being subject to income tax.

This program can lead to significant tax savings for both employees and employers. By choosing GlobeXpert, you can navigate the complexities of the 30% Tax Ruling effectively and maximize the advantages it offers during your stay in the Netherlands.

GlobeXpert offers comprehensive assistance with:
  1. Eligibility Assessment: Determining if you meet the criteria to qualify for the 30% Tax Ruling.

  2. Application Process: Assisting with the application procedure, ensuring all required documents are submitted correctly and on time.

  3. Compliance: Ensuring ongoing compliance with the program’s requirements during your stay in the Netherlands.

  4. Maximizing Benefits: Advising on how to optimize the benefits of the 30% Tax Ruling to reduce your tax liability.

  5. Communication with Authorities: Handling any necessary communication with Dutch tax authorities on your behalf.